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1033 Program - Procurement & Inventory

Participating LEAs in the 1033 Program can acquire excess Department of Defense (DoD) Property through a federal database - RTDweb. Equipment available through RTDweb includes clothing and office supplies, tools and rescue equipment, vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, and rifles and other small arms. There is no cost for the equipment, but LEAs are responsible for shipping and transportation costs for the equipment.

Weapons Information:

Currently the weapons available to LEAs through the 1033 Program are:

M-16A2, 5.56mm rifle
M14, 7.62 mm rifle
M1911, .45 caliber handgun

In order to procure equipment, an LEA needs to be actively enrolled in the 1033 Program with the State (see Apply/Participate). An LEA screens available equipment and requests property for transfer through the federal database RTDweb. An LEA must be registered in the AMPS website first to gain access to RTDweb. A step by step guide to registering for AMPS and RTDweb can be found here: AMPS & RTDweb Guide

AMPS: https://amps.dla.mil/
RTDweb: https://business.dla.mil/landing/index.jsp
LESO Webpage: http://www.dla.mil/DispositionServices/Offers/Reutilization/LawEnforcement.aspx

Controlled Equipment Information:

Controlled Equipment includes weapons, vehicles, aircraft, and watercraft. In order to be approved to procure categories of controlled equipment, equipment request forms must be submitted to LESO through the State Coordinator. Controlled equipment request forms can be accessed through the LESO webpage.

Controlled Equipment Request Forms:

Completed controlled equipment request forms can be submitted for approval via e-mail to: caitlin.snyder@wisconsin.gov


LEAs with equipment inventory through the 1033 Program are required to manage their inventory through the FEPMIS accounting tool. There is an inventory certification process for LEAs to complete on an annual basis beginning on October 1st of each year.

FEPMIS User Guide

FEPMIS Website: