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Wisconsin State Emergency Operations Center

When an emergency occurs, each state agency carries out its responsibilities independent of other agencies. The activities of state agencies must be closely coordinated if the state is to respond effectively. The purpose of the State Emergency Operations Center is to facilitate that coordination.

Emergency Operations Center Status

The EOC status is currently Level 5.
24-Hour Duty Officer
: 1-800-943-0003

EOC Activation Levels

2016 Situation Reports


Current Situation

Situation Report #2 9-9-2015 Flooding Update

Situation Report # 2, 9/9/2015,

Flood waters continue to subside Wednesday after heavy rains fell across Wisconsin Monday and Tuesday. West Central Wisconsin saw the heaviest damage from those storms with four to seven inches of rain reported. Damage to public infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) is estimated at $670,000. Local and county governments impacted by this damage can apply for aid through the Wisconsin Disaster Fund.

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Situation Report #1 9-7-2015 Flooding Report

Situation Report # 1, 9/7/2015,

A line of strong storms moved across Wisconsin early Monday morning. Heavy rains associated with those storms caused flash flooding in several areas of northwestern Wisconsin.

Buffalo County: The county has declared a State of Emergency. The Buffalo River downstream from Strum is high due to increasing flow at the Strum Dam which was covered by water. The condition of the dam wonít be known until the water recedes but the dam appears stable at this time and there are no evacuations. Traffic is still passing over the bridge on County Highway D.

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Situation Report #2 7-13-2015

Situation Report # 2, 7/14/2015,

Clean up continues today after a line of powerful thunderstorms with heavy rains and strong winds and hail moved through Wisconsin Monday morning and early evening. Last nightís storms produced mainly strong winds and hail causing downed trees and power lines. There were no reports of injuries. Here is the latest update:

Columbia County:

  • Poynette reported 1 Ĺ inch hail last night.
  • The Wisconsin Department of Corrections is sending a strike team to Columbia County (City of Columbus) to assist with debris removal.
  • Many residents are still without power.
Restoration operations continue today to restore electricity.
  • Debris removal/clean up from secondary roads continues..
  • An Emergency Declaration for Columbus remains in effect.

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    Situation Report #1 7-13-2015

    Situation Report # 1, 7/13/2015,

    Clean-up continues today after a line of powerful thunderstorms with heavy rains and strong winds moved through Wisconsin Monday morning.

    The National Weather Service (NWS) issued tornado warnings for Dodge and Outagamie Counties. NWS meteorologists surveyed the damage and determined it was caused by straight line winds of 90 to 110 mph. The city of Columbus declared a State of Emergency due to the widespread damage in that community. Utility crews continue working to restore numerous power outages. Flash flooding was reported in parts of Dodge and Columbia County with as much as three to four inches of rain reported by the National Weather Service early this morning. Here is the latest update by region:

    Southwest Region:

    Columbia County : Storms caused widespread damage in the Columbus area. Many trees down and roadways blocked by debris. Debris removal is well under way. County highway crews are assisting with clearing the roads. Extra power crews have been called into to restore power. The Red Cross has opened a shelter at the Columbus Middle School for those without power to seek relief from the heat. Crawfish River is high (approx. 1 foot below the main bridge girder running through the city at Highway 60/16). Crews are monitoring the river and the dam gates are wide open.

    Green County: Only minor damage reported from the storms that came through this morning. Dispatch has received six calls of tree limbs across roads and just outside of Belleville (to the south) a house sustained damage when half the roof was blown off.

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