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Wisconsin State Emergency Operations Center

When an emergency occurs, each state agency carries out its responsibilities independent of other agencies. The activities of state agencies must be closely coordinated if the state is to respond effectively. The purpose of the State Emergency Operations Center is to facilitate that coordination.

Emergency Operations Center Status

The EOC status is currently Level 5.
24-Hour Duty Officer
: 1-800-943-0003

EOC Activation Levels

2016 Situation Reports


Current Situation

Tornado Incident Report 4

Situation Report # 4, 5/18/2017,

Another series of severe storms moved across Wisconsin yesterday afternoon and evening, causing damage to buildings, down trees and power lines. More than a dozen counties are reporting damage from those storms and cleanup has begun. Heavy rain from some of those storms triggered flood warnings for various locations across the state. Meantime, damage assessments and recovery continues from the tornado that struck northwestern Wisconsin. The path of that tornado stretched 70 miles and was a category EF-2 (120-130mph).

Flooding: Flood Warnings continue for several lakes and streams across the state including:
Southeastern Ashland County
West Central Iron County
Jackson County (Black River from Black River Falls to Galesville)
Lincoln and Marathon Counties (Wisconsin River, Big Rib River)…

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Tornado Incident Report 3

Situation Report # 3, 5/17/2017,

Governor Scott Walker declared a State of Emergency for Barron, Jackson, and Rusk counties following severe storms producing heavy rain, damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes. Governor Walker and other state officials met with victims and local officials and assess tornado damage this afternoon. Damage assessment and recovery efforts continue in the affected areas. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) will conduct agriculture damage assessments in Barron and Rusk Counties over the next few days.

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Tornado Incident Report 2

Situation Report # 2, 5/17/2017,

Damage assessment and recovery efforts are underway in Barron and Rusk Counties this morning following tornadoes that struck the area around 5:30 last night. A 46-year-old man was killed and more than 25 people were injured. Governor Walker and other state officials are expected to meet with victims and local officials and assess tornado damage this afternoon.

The National Weather Service (NWS) is conducting assessments to determine the strength of the tornadoes. In addition, flood watches and warnings are in effect as a result of heavy rains this week. The NWS says additional severe weather with heavy rain, strong winds, hail and tornados are possible across much of the state this afternoon and evening.

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Northwest Region Severe Storm Situation Report 1

Situation Report # 1, 5/17/2017,

A severe thunderstorm came through Barron and Rusk County and had a tornado that touched down and caused severe damage to muliptle areas. The Northwest Region is deploying resources to assist both counties in recovering efforts. The tornado touched down on 53 NB just south of Cameron and rolled over a semi and devastated a trailer park. The Northwest Region is partnering with Barron County Sheriff’s Department, fire and rescue and all of the local agencies that are assisting in recovering efforts. At this time we are meeting at the trailer park where the command post is set up in Barron County. We are handling the semi rollover on 53 at this time as well. We have sent troopers in a search and rescue clearing trailers to assure everybody has been located. We have 1 fatal and 20 individuals confirmed injured at this time. We are deploying troopers to Rusk County to conduct a search and rescue as well, the command post is at the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department.

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