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WEM/DNR 24 hour hotline

Emergency Operations Center
  • 800-943-0003 24 hrs a day
    • Press 1 for DNR (hazardous spills and other DNR emergencies)
    • Press 2 for WEM (any other emergency)
    • Press 3 for MABAS (any other emergency)
  • The hotline is answered by the DNR Call Center, 7AM to 10PM, 7 days a week.
  • After 10PM, the hotline is answered by State Warning Center 1, which is located at District 1, Wisconsin State Patrol (DeForest).
  • All after-hours calls are referred to the WEM Duty Officer for disposition.
  • If you call the hotline after hours the DO will receive a call from State Patrol immediately if you call at 2 AM you should get a call back from the DO within a reasonable time.