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Mobile Command Center (MCC)

Mobile Command Center (MCC)
  • 45 ft. trailer
  • Equipped w/ commo room, and operations room
  • VHF, UHF, & HF radios (12)
  • ACU-1000
  • PSTN patch panel for phone and fax
  • Meeting room for 6-8 people

MCC / ACU-1000 Trailer


Use Agreement

Who can request:

  • State agency administration /commander
  • County Sheriffs
  • US Marshals
  • Fire Chiefs
  • County Emergency Management Director
How to request:
  • Contact WEM Hotline number (1-800-943-0003) or (608-242-3232)
Information WEM Duty Officer must obtain from the requestor:
  • Contact name and callback number
  • Nature of emergency
  • Where is Mobile Command Center (MCC) needed? [Give best route from nearest state highway to site.]
  • Is electric power available?
  • Is local telephone service available? [MCC can handle up to 8 hard lines.]
  • Is cellular service available in the location where the MCC will be placed? In other words, can you send/receive cellular calls at the site?
What requestor needs to provide for ongoing operations:
  • Unleaded gasoline for generator.
  • Qualified radio communicator(s).
  • 24-hour security for the MCC.
  • Arrangements for fresh water replenishment and stand-alone Porta-Potty service. [Winter operations require that an immediate water supply be made available on arrival.]
  • Requester is responsible for the day-to-day cleanliness of the MCC.
  • Requester is responsible for replenishment of any supplies consumed during course of operation (e.g. copy paper, cups, etc.).
What the Division will provide:
  • Delivery of the MCC.
  • Personnel to oversee general operation / maintenance of the MCC for the duration of the mission.
  • Removal of the MCC upon completion of the mission.

Non-Emergency Use For Planned Special Events

  • Because the primary purpose of the MCC is for emergency use, the MCC should be considered available on a limited basis for exercises, large public non-threat gatherings, fairs, etc.
  • If the MCC is requested for a non-emergency, a written request must be approved by WEM.
  • The Division maintains the right to recoup any expenditures or damages incurred during a non-emergency operation.
  • IMPORTANT: In case of an emergency, the Division maintains the right to remove the MCC.