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Warning and Communications

Warning and Communications Program works with a variety of federal, state, local government agencies, volunteer groups and private industry in providing emergency communications in Wisconsin regardless of the type of disaster or emergency.

Wisconsin Emergency Management has a variety of communications equipment located in our State Emergency Operation Center at Madison including the National Warning System (NAWAS). NAWAS is the primary means of sharing warning information for severe weather activity and any other critical information. In Wisconsin, all five National Weather Service offices and all seven State Patrol District Communications Centers have NAWAS. In addition, 28 counties have NAWAS terminals in their 9-1-1 dispatch center. Those counties not equipped with NAWAS receive relay either from a State Patrol District office or neighboring county.

NAWAS is a two-way voice circuit with open line and is a "party line" system so any call is heard by all 48 Wisconsin points simultaneously. This facilitates a sharing of information throughout the state.

WEM also has the capability to activate Wisconsin ARES/RACES amateur radio volunteers to provide backup radio communications. Volunteers provide countless hours testing equipment in the WEM Radio Room and stand ready to provide communications should primary communications fail.

In addition, Wisconsin Emergency Management has a Mobile Command Center that can be taken anywhere in the State to provide communications for emergency relief efforts.

Wisconsin EAS

  • Wisconsin NWEM EAS Plan
  • Wisconsin Statewide Communications Plan
  • Wisconsin Incident Radio Communications Plan
  • Wisconsin Emergency Management Communications Resource Guide
  • WEM/DNR 24 hour hotline
  • Mobile Command Center and ACU 1000 Trailer
  • ACU-1000
  • WEM Portable 80' Tower with lights and repeaters
  • WEM Handheld Radios and Repeaters
  • Microwave telephone
  • Dial select and City Watch
  • EAS
  • HazCollect
  • NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards
  • Non-Weather Emergency Messages
  • TIME System
  • West Central Interoperability Alliance Intercom Network (WCIA)