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Available Grants

Title Close Date

HS ALERT EOD Training Conference 2016 (pdf)

Wisconsin Emergency Management (WEM) will provide grant funds for the state designated ALERT EOD teams for Special Response Training for the five regional teams. The training conference funding will be for Brown County who will manage processing for all teams. So, the grant will have a subgrantee of Brown County Sheriff' Office.


HS State and Local Collaboration: SIMCOM, Dark Sky, GridEx Exercises 2015 II (pdf)

Funding from this grant will be used to support elements associated with the SIMCOM 2017 statewide communications exercise, MSEL development activities for the Dark Sky exercise as well as support for the GridEX utilities exercise.


HS State and Local Collaboration: Public/Private Partnership Workshops 2015 II (pdf)

Funding from this grant will provide the opportunity for first responder agencies, county emergency management agencies and /or regional planning commissions to host a Business Disaster Preparedness/Public Private Partnership workshop for the private sector. The intent is to engage potential public and private sector partners in efforts at creating a sustainable local public/private partnership that can be used as a viable resource in a local response/recovery role during a disaster.


In FFY2016, Wisconsin will receive a total of $3,978,000 in State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) grant funding. This document provides information about the Homeland Security Grant Program, the process used to allocate the funding in Wisconsin, the schedule for sub-grant opportunities and contact information for the WEM Homeland Security staff. Homeland Security Funding Opportunity Schedule 2016 (pdf)